A sneak peek into the mind of Debbie as a designer

Posted on August 21 2015

Cleo here! I have hijacked the D.Webb blog! I glitched Debbie's wifi and hid her phone in an effort to limit distraction. She's getting ready for a big trip you see, and go time is sneaking up! So much packing to do yet she is cutting and sewing new styles even as I type, ha!

She's heading off to Greece for a few weeks, can you imagine getting ready for a trip like that?- wait- you know on second thought, don't. Visualize something soothing like a fluffy bunny or something. 

I digress, I want to present you with an interview of Debbie as a designer. Some time ago, she was interviewed by Corin Michalski. If you know anything about video editing or any kind of editing & producing- you know it is a delicate and time consuming process. We are delighted to share his work with you! Get a sneak peek into the mind of Debbie as a designer.

Special thanks to Corin Michalski, Cristina Michalski, Sol Dance Center, Manhattan Tribal and last, but not least, Maiden China. 

If Debbie were writing this she would want to thank her D.Webbers, her husband Len, her lovely mother Angela Harris, and of course me! She would go on and on and on about how amazingly awesomely fantanbulous I am! 

*Please take note, the clip of Manhattan Tribal is meant as a mention, not to credit D.Webb Designs for their costuming.


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