Dead End?

Dead End?

August 11, 2016

Hi there, D.Webbers,

You know how every once in a while you'll log into facebook and the site will have seen fit to remind you of something you posted a year, or two or three, ago?  You might laugh at the memory, or cringe (you know, in a "what was I thinking when I posted that?" kinda way), and ever so often facebook will be kind and remind you of something pretty awesome.  

So you write about it...

This morning Debbie opened her page to be reminded of the Dead End photoshoot she styled for Issue 37 of Dark Beauty Magazine, working with photographer H. James Hoff.  And yep, that's pretty awesome.  Two years ago, James decided to give Debbie carte blanche with the styling ideas for this shoot, and she got down to business with mood boards, inspiration images, and an urge to do something "totally badass".  

Cue 80's era movie montage of the young designer pulling pieces together as if by magic to find that perfect look, working tirelessly to an upbeat soundtrack, and when done, collapsing onto her oversized bean bag chair, hair falling in her face, exhausted but smiling... (or so I imagine).  Cut to...

The morning of the shoot arrives and the team has assembled.  

Photographer: H. James Hoff

Stylist: D.Webb NYC 

Hair: Laura Vignola

Makeup: Angela Kaeser

Manicurist: twee&honey (aka Cleopatress)

Photographer's Assistant: Lisa K. Smith

Stylist's Assistant: Jared De Priest

Model: Kelly Napoliello (with her very nice parents)

And they're off!  

A behind the scenes collage from our own Miss Cleopatress.  H. James Hoff is a lovely man to work with (say both Debbie and Cleo)! 

The finished look of the photos will be much different, but we love some of these color photos, too!  (Feathered Hair Accessories by Lunara Design; Long Tuareg Earrings by Hilary's Bazaar; Booty Wrap Skirt by D.Webb Designs)

Pretty.  Sexy.  Badass.  In color and the finished look, we give you Kelly in the Industrial Seduction Corset by D.Webb NYC; Metallic Desert Tunic by D.Webb Designs; inverted triangle necklace and tribal cutout cuff by Luni Jewelry; feathered hair accessories by Lunara Design; leather bag by Industry Belts and Bags; and the Star Leather Garter by Wild Card.  

Like a post-Apocalyptic warrior.  (Recycled army wool bustle skirt by Midnight Orchid Designs; hair scarf and hair accessories by Lunara Design; Labradorite ring by Posh Jewels Worldwide; wrist cuff by Luni Jewelry)

Oh mah gerd!  I love this photo!  And it shows off Cleo's manicure oh so well!  (Wrist cuff by Luni Jewelry; scarf and hair accessories by Lunara Design; nails by twee&honey)

Urban mermaid?  (Irina burnout top and skirt by D.Webb Designs; Titanium rays necklace (as bodychain) and gold-dipped geode necklace by Luni Jewelry; braided deconstructed scarf and  hair accessories by Lunara Design)

LOVE. (Recycled army wool cowl neckwarmer by Midnight Orchid Design; metallic mesh tie top by D.Webb Designs; silver knuckle rigs, alchemy cuff and tribal cutout cuff by Luni Jewelry)

And the piece d'resistence!  You'll see the finished version in the magazine spread, but it looks amazing either way.  (Side note: the mechanics at this shop had a great time watching the shenanigans that day.  Sort of adorable, really.) (Metallic mesh tie top and capri harem pants by D.Webb Designs; recycled army wool cowl neckwarmer by Midnight Orchids Design; silver knuckle rigs, alchemy cuff and tribal cutout cuff by Luni Jewelry; moss agate skull, moonstone and labradorite beaded necklace by Dancing Deer Designs; roman spike wedge shoes by Jeffrey Campbell)

It's great to work with a photographer who let's you run wild with your ideas!  From the outfits, to the locations to the direction of the hair and makeup, Debbie held sway, and everyone on the team BROUGHT IT.

And ROCKED IT (says this humble blogger, and not because she works here...)

Almost all of the photos you have seen so far aren't the ones chosen for the magazine (I know, hard to believe).  Wanna see the finished product?  Well, sure! Go ahead and gorge yourself on all the pretty pictures!

Check it out, starting on page 58:

And once you have had your fill of the pretty, are sated on the shadowy ephemeral images, just remember to come back every once in a while for something new.  Because there is always something new.

That's what Debbie does...

From the D.Webb Designs family, this blogger says farewell for now, and until next time.





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