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Good Things with the D.Webb Ambassadors: Brenna Crowley the QUEEN

March 17, 2021

Good Things with the D.Webb Ambassadors: Brenna Crowley the QUEEN

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Three IS the magic number, and your D.Webb Team has been known to find delight in the odd bit of magic. Take three minutes out of your day to meet D.Webb Ambassador Brenna Crowley and see that awesome things really do come in threes.

Brenna is an incredible fusion dance artist, choreographer, instructor and producer based in NYC. She has spent the last 17 years studying MENAHT, fusion and transnational dance styles, hip hop, street jazz, contemporary, flamenco and most currently old way vogue with Cesar Valentino. Brenna is the ULTIMATE badass and we are obsessed with everything she touches!
Brenna Crowley
Brenna is wearing the Fringe Kimono

Did you know Brenna was a featured artist in Menagerie D'Art produced by Debbie and Dalia Carella?! Brenna even has two signature pants named for her!! She's been a LONG time supporter and bestie of D.Webb! 

Menagerie D'Art NYC photo by Monzeeki

Brenna as the *Shady Lady* Headdress and costume created
for Menagerie d'Arte by Debbie D Cartsos; photo by Monzeeki
Want to know more about this incredible human? We have the scoop right here! And don't forget to keep scrolling for an INCREDIBLE video!


What are THREE things people should know about you? 
  1. I'm forever curious and hungry to learn about everything
  2. I get way too excited about home decor
  3. I still hope to one day become a paleontologist
What are THREE things that inspire you? 
  1. The ballroom scene
  2. My peers and fellow artists
  3. Mythology
 Give us THREE examples of outfits you love. 
  1. D.Webb Capri Harem with Athleta halter tops
  2. D.Webb Soft Knit Black Open Back top over VS sports bra and leggings
  3. May the Shimmy Be With You jersey top with leggings and matching Nike sneakers
What are your THREE favorite fashion trends?
  1. Eclectic styling
  2. Monochromatic styling
  3. Adding Swarovski crystals on everything 
What are your THREE favorite beauty tips?
  2. Drink water
  3. Don't sleep with makeup on
List THREE reasons why you love to shop D.Webb Designs.
  1. Well made
  2. Incredibly versatile and
  3. Always dependable
List THREE things you like to do when you don’t have to be responsible.
  1. Crafting,
  2. Rearranging furniture
  3. Bingeing action and fantasy films
Now for the FUN PART!! Our team member Donna edited and pieced together this AMAZING video / testimonial Brenna asent us! This video is featuring BRENNA dancing in another one of her favorite D.Webb pieces, the fringe kimono. Her heartwarming words about why she loves D.Webb brought us to tears. We love you so much, Brenna!!


FUN FACT: Debbie helped Brenna make her Godzilla costume for Raven's Night produced by Ken Vegas and Belladonna! Look how awesome she looks! 


Brenna Crowley at Raven's Night 2019 photo by The Dancers Eye

Brenna as 'Godzilla' at Raven's Night Show 2019; photo by The Dancers Eye

Brenna Crowley as godzilla from Raven's Night 2019

 Brenna as 'Godzilla' from Raven's Night; Costume made with assistance from Debbie D. Cartsos

Thank you Brenna for sharing your magic and light with us!! We miss you so much and can’t wait to dance with you again 💖
Shop Brenna's looks and use code: BRENNZILLA10 to save 10% and 10% of your purchase will be donated to Brenna! Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook!
Brenna Crowley Metallic Cowl neck
Brenna is wearing her Inca Cowl 

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