Danielle Albertina Dance Tips Daily Interview

Good Things with the D.Webb Ambassadors: Dani Albertina

April 02, 2021

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Three IS the magic number, and your D.Webb Team has been known to find delight in the odd bit of magic. Take a few minutes out of your day to meet D.Webb Ambassador Dani Albertina and see that awesome things really do come in threes.


Dani Albertina and D.Webb Designs
Dani is wearing her Fringe Kimono and Bike Shorts

Dani has been part of the D.Webb family for a LONG time! Did you know she used to be Debbie's assistant until she moved to LA last year? She's also one of our models! Not only is Dani an incredible human, she is also a phenomenal dancer, choreographer and educator.

Her latest passion project has been a podcast for anyone who loves dance (both professional and enthusiasts) called Dance Tips Daily. If you love movement or just want some motivation in general, YOU NEED TO LISTEN! We interviewed Dani to learn more about her podcast!

What are THREE things we need to know about the Dance Tips Daily Podcast?
  1. The podcast is for every dancer, every day! Even if you don’t consider yourself a dancer quite yet, but love and appreciate the art form - the podcast is still for you.
  2. I highlight industry professionals who have given me permission to share their blog, articles, books or papers. My mission is to shine an extra light on those making the industry a brighter place and give creatives a healthy daily routine.
  3. The content is meant to be well rounded as I believe dancers cannot shine their brightest light until the human part of the dancer is balanced. 
Tell us THREE things that inspired the podcast.
  1. I don’t like to give COVID credit because she was a true b***h, but if it weren’t for her the podcast might not be existing today! Once COVID hit and l was no longer able to connect with the dance community the same way l had in the past, l started to brainstorm some ways on doing this digitally.
  2. l figured a positive daily routine could be helpful for other dancers who might need that little extra boost of confidence and inspiration to keep moving, even if it looks different than what we’ve known before.
  3. I’m truly grateful for all the author’s expertise, generosity and commitment to community - without them, the podcast couldn’t exist.
What THREE adjectives would you use to describe the experience of starting Dance Tips Daily?
  1. Crazy
  2. Fulfilling
  3. Exciting
 What are THREE things that inspire you to keep going?
  1. The power of love
  2. The resilience of the human spirit
  3. All things art
List THREE things you like to do when you don’t have to be responsible.
  1. Digging my toes into the sand while watching the ocean waves and silly seagulls try to get too close for comfort.
  2. Call friends or family l haven’t talked to in a while and share stories while sippin’ wine or tea (depending how the day went, LOL).
  3. Travel and try new foods (that don’t have any meat in them). 
dani albertina dance tips daily podcast
Dani is wearing her Fringe Kimono 


The Dance Tips Daily podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts and dancetipsdaily.com . Listen today to get inspired. And don't forget to follow Dani and the Dance Tips Daily podcast on Instagram!

Shop Dani's look using code: DANI10 to save 10% and 10% will be donated to Dani so she can keep giving us amazing content on her podcast!

Thank you Dani for being an incredible ambassador and always helping the D.Webb team when we need you! You are a beautiful soul and we can't wait to see you again in person 💖


Dani Albertina Dancer in LA

Dani is wearing her Fringe Kimono and Bike Shorts

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