how to refresh your wardrobe with free people and miakoda

How to Refresh Your Wardrobe

December 11, 2020

Every Friday, DWebb posts style inspiration on Instagram. In the industry, we call them flat lays. Basically, we pick one (or two) of our items and scour the internet for other items to pair them with. We use a variety of items like accessories, shoes, jewelry, and clothing. See an example below!

Our flat lays are a little different because we do our best to source brands that are ethical and sustainable. Sometimes, we choose pictures from national brands if we can’t find something else that fits. BUT for the most part, we source items from small businesses, women-owned brands, black-owned brands, ethical brands, indie brands, sustainable brands, and all the other good things.

In addition to wanting to showcase smaller brands that deserve the love and shoutouts, we also want to show you new and different ways to wear your DWebb threads! It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you have one item and only wear it one way. Sure it’s comfortable and easy, but sometimes it’s nice to change it up!

Plus, the more ways you can wear your clothing, the less you have to buy! So the planet wins too!

Our inspiration for creating these style boards comes from a variety of sources. It could be a color story, or a theme like the time our inspiration was going to a socially distanced picnic! 

And to clarify, we’re not necessarily telling you to go out and buy all the items featured to create the look. You probably already have similar items in your closet that you can use! The idea behind our look books is to inspire YOU. We want YOU to get creative and inspired to style your D.Webb threads differently! 

We’d love to see how you style DWebb! Comment below a creative way you wear D.Webb or tag us on Instagram!
Items Pictured:
Free People bomber
Miakoda brami
Pyer Moss booties
Luni Style bracelet and necklace
Quay Australia sunglasses
Michael Kors wallet


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