Proud To Be Nasty

Proud To Be Nasty

October 20, 2020 2 Comments

Tick, tick, tick… Can you hear that? A reckoning is coming.

Contrary to the nonsense that some people believe, you and I are not just the supporting characters in their xenophobic melodrama. Right now, this narrative is YOUR story, too. Your needs, emotions, rights, dreams, and opinions matter. YOU matter, and you belong.

Some place deep in your belly, a quickening vibrates, sending pulses through your fingertips and out into the universe as you acknowledge your place and your space. Do you feel it?

They feel it. The metallic taste of it hangs on every lie that slips past their lips. Cashing in the last chunks of remaining soul to justify their othering, they barter for one last bit of control. Grand gestures of false power and bravado only magnify the truth of their fear and their discomfort.

Why? YOU MATTER, and they know it. So, they load up their verbal slingshots. “Nasty Woman”, they fire off, ignoring the fumes from our gasoline. Little do they know, we’re ready to keep the flames burning.

D.Webb Designs is proud to support the Nasty in you. Burn bright, and claim your space. Keep speaking – they WILL hear you.

With much LOVE from the D.Webb Designs Team…as NASTY as we wanna be.

We asked our team, our friends and family. Here’s what they had to say:

“I have dealt with a lot of sexist behavior in my life, starting from a very young age. I have dealt with misogynistic behavior in the workforce, mainly when I started my own business. (being called cookie, honey from the owner of a production room when I was in tears after they destroyed a production lot of mine, my husband being thanked when I would drop payments for production, having to take him with me to be heard *yes this IS ridiculous* being told "does your husband let you dress like that?", "are you sure you want to be in this business? You should stay home and have a family because many women try but do not succeed" and I can go on) I realized that I was groomed to feel guilty, that something was wrong with me when I stood up for myself, that I was being problematic and then after standing up for myself I would apologize. I am fed up. I refuse to put up with that kind of behavior anymore. The Nasty Women movement has given me the strength to own it, to feel the confidence to challenge the patriarchy. I am saying NO to that kind of behavior against MY TEAM and I. The Nasty women movement has been empowering and has opened up my eyes and given me hope. My team and I are ready to stand up for what’s right. Cheers to all the Nasty Women and Men out there! Through our Nastiness, let’s make this world a better place! I am proud to support this movement via my brand D.Webb Designs. Period.” –Debbie

“Nasty women don’t back down from taking up space when men are around. She will never change her words or behavior when it makes a man uncomfortable. She speaks out when culture threatens her existence; she refuses to let people tell her how she “should” be. She chooses herself before the patriarchy and she never apologizes for being “crazy”, “loud", “vulgar" or "b*tchy”. That’s what NASTY means to me, and I’m proud to be a nasty woman." –Prianca

“Never Acknowledging Subservience To You: That’s my take on it – I see it really about how women are expected to behave a certain way, and if we don’t fit into the supporting roles that they want to cast us in, clearly there must be something wrong with us! It’s a way of gaslighting women – no one wants to be a bad person, so the suggestion is that if you would just fall in line, you would be worthy….Eleanor Roosevelt has been credited with saying “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,”, and you, Donnie, will never EVER have our consent.” –Donna

“NASTY is definitely a word and idea that we are reclaiming, if you would have asked me years ago I wouldn't have had much positive imagery around it. To me now NASTY means standing up and fighting against those who subject others, that we will not be quiet, and when we see bigotry, racism, transphobia and everything else that has often gone in called out. We will be the one that call out, and bring attention to that which others stand by, and let pass. The biggest enemy of the radical movement is not the easily identified far right, fascist oppressor but the white moderate who stands by and let's these things happen.” –Kira

“The word nasty means to me something or someone that brings feelings of discomfort. A nasty woman would be someone who breaks the “role” created by society that women are inherently inferior to men, incapable of being independent, strong and smart as well as beautiful, feeding the strong habit of oppressing themselves + other women! Women are not obligated to make anyone feel comfortable and no one has the right to say what they should be or do. 💪” –Rafaela

“Being a nasty womxn means that I help fight against the patriarchy at every turn. I refused to be silenced by anyone who can’t handle my light. I’m here to live my most authentic life possible.” –Lauren

"Nasty woman means a woman that refuses to listen to the status quo. Someone who challenges authority and stands up for what she believes in.” –Suraiya

"To me it means a woman who isn’t afraid to use their voice and disrupt normalized power structures. Someone who is empathetic, strong, and committed to making a difference. And also someone who condemns the Trump admin.” –Nina

“Embolden, brave, you are you no regrets, unashamed of who you are, march to the beat of your drum.” –Toya

"To me, being a nasty woman means voting, proudly displaying my body hair, and believing I am enough when the glass ceiling says otherwise. Basically anything that makes men squirm with un-comfortability is what it means to be nasty.” –Anonymous

“…Fierce, a little sexy, a little wrong and a little right at the same time. Definitely pulls Janet Jackson vibes and "nasty woman" vibes in the right way :)” –Deb

"NASTY means to me: Never Average She's The Yuckiest !!!!” –Dani

“Nasty woman: a woman who claims her space and takes no shit.” –Jo

“For me, it’s doing and saying the things because they’re the right things to do and say, not because it’s what dominate society says *to do*. Standing up for yourself and others. Speaking truth to power.” –Peyton

“A woman who angers people by taking up space and doing what is right.” –Lily

“Knows who she is and what she wants, and is willing to do what it takes to get there but also knows she faces hurdles (sexism, racism, lack of money/ healthcare/ education) that might cause her to fail bitterly; she tries anyway.” –Megan

Last, but not least:

"NASTY means to break glass ceilings, to challenge the patriarchy, and demand equal rights." –Kendra 

What does Nasty mean to you? Comment below!

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October 22, 2020

Nasty means I don’t intend to change my tone or words. You need to acknowledge understand how I feel. The message was not received with not nasty. Open your mind and ears and nasty won’t sound so nasty… or you know, keep doing you.


October 22, 2020

Who are the women who were called “nasty” in history? Those who stood on the table and demanded their rights. The ones who fought for the right to vote, to control our bodies and our futures, to be paid equal wages for equal work. A “nasty” woman is one who holds a mirror up to the nastiness projected onto women by our society, even to our internalized misogyny, and shows how ludicrous and ridiculous is it in the face of the intelligence, persistence, strength, and fortitude of women. We are “nasty” in the eyes of those who would drag us back, but nevertheless we persist. A nasty woman won’t be silenced, won’t be ignored, won’t be stepped over. I’m proud to be a nasty woman!

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