Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas 2020

October 16, 2020

If you haven’t heard, DWebb has been crafting fashion inspiration snapshots on how to pair various items to create one specific look. We post them on our Instagram every Friday!

But for the month of October, we’ve decided to take a fun and spooky twist on it… can you guess what our theme is?

You got it... it’s HALLOWEEN! 🎃

We know everyone is busy and may not even have plans to go out for Halloween BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and have a virtual party or plan a fun DIY photoshoot!

Keep scrolling to find out how to create a quick and simple DIY costume. We have looks from Disney characters to Greek Goddesses to Disco Queens and more! Tell us your favorite down below in the comments!

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Who doesn’t love the sexy sassy outrageous seductive Dr. Frank N. Furter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Our Inca collection is the perfect piece to complete this look! Add some sexy lingerie and a pearl necklace to knock ‘em dead. 👻

Get the look with these items:

Sock dream lace up tights
Booties from Nina Shoes
Pearl necklace from J. Crew
Handcuffs and Garter made by Nevaeh Intimates
Lips necklace designed by Tiny Thunder Design


  Disco Dancer on Roller Skates

Get ready to boogie and dance the night away in this fun rainbow-themed disco costume! You’ll be ready to shake it with our bell bottoms and rainbow-colored accessories. Add a fun twist with some roller skates! 

Need specific items? Shop the links below!
Roller skates by Crazy Skate Co
Rainbow wig from Goddess Beauty Royal
Lunautics loose glitter
Beats by Dr. Dre headphones
Rainbow earrings from Rainbow Depot
Clionadh cosmetics pink multichrome eyeshadow
KVD Beauty liquid lipstick

Medusa Costume and Makeup

Medusa's costume and makeup idea

This week we launched our NASTY collection to represent our power to stand up against oppression. We believe Medusa is the OG Nasty woman!

She is a symbol that is frequently used to demonize progression and oppress women. Yet she continues to fight and lead us through change. We are inspired by her strength and courage. She is the perfect Halloween costume...because what is scarier than a powerful woman? Head to our IG post to learn more!

Here’s a list of items we put together to use in your Medusa look:

Sparkle Maxi Dress from DWebb Designs
Fringe Shrug from DWebb Designs
Eyeshadow palette from Melt Cosmetics
Snake mask by Memoria Obscura
Bracelet from IrisBeadsArt
Green hair color from Overtone Color
Glitter nail polish from Live Love Polish

Gothic Spider Queen Costume and Makeup

Flat lay of items used to put together a spider queen look

This costume might require you to get a little creative, but we’re sure you can put a spider inspired look together in no time!

To pull off a Spider Queen (or King) look, make sure you have gothic style accessories like an antique silver ring, a bracelet with dark red rubies, and a black crown.

Bonus tip: use eyeliner to draw a spider web on your face! Draw a few straight lines and connect them horizontally with curvy lines. See below for inspiration!

Spider inspired makeup lookSpider inspired makeup look with glitter

Adding a show-stopping piece, like a 19th-century style tulle skirt, will give that extra wow factor to your look. Plus you’ll have some fantastic photos to share!

Here’s a list of items we put together to inspire your own spider costume:

Black cold shoulder crop top from DWebb Designs
Black cake liner from Suva Beauty 
Tulle skirt by Reathua available here
Sparkle sensation crown available on Etsy
Bracelet and earrings from Medieval Collectibles
Full hand armor made by Myril Jewels available on Etsy
Choker made by Marcelle Finery available on Etsy

Re-create this look and share your photos below! We love seeing your creativity! 

Easy Jafar Costume from Disney’s Aladdin

Image of items used to put together a Jafar costume

Any Disney villain fans out there? We can’t help but admire the tenacity of some of these villains.

Especially Jafar, who might I say, was the cleverest villain of them all! I mean he never had a shortage of ideas until Aladdin finally tricked him at the end! Plus how awesome was his hypnotizing snake staff?

His outfit is an easy one to create with just a few red and black items! Plus add his signature eyeliner, and you’ll be devising clever plans in no time!

Here are some of the items we’ve rounded up to help you look your snakey best:

Cut out black cowl neck from DWebb Designs
Wide-legged pantaloons from DWebb Designs
Snake wrapped ring from RockLove Jewelry
Red crop top from Free People
Wide red belt from AlekssMovins available on Etsy
Gold Snake necklace from Designed by Marci available on Etsy
Red and gold earrings made by MagpieMouseStudios available on Etsy
Gold bracelet made by John S. Brana available on Etsy

Bonus points if you have a snake staff and a talking parrot! Comment down below if you would dress up like Jafar this year! 👇


Our social media manager, Prianca, created this AWESOME costume of Ursula from The Little Mermaid using our bandeau and pantaloons!

Well there you have it! Tons of easy and quick options to put together a Halloween costume. I hope you feel inspired to create YOUR Halloween costume this year! Remember to get creative, have fun and take lots of photos!

Image wishing you a Happy Halloween

Wishing you a fun and creative Hallow's Eve from the DWebb team 😁

Comment below and tell us which look was your favorite!

Smooches 😘

    -Prianca Jyotishi

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