Solstice Ensemble Makes Magic at the Muse, Brooklyn

Solstice Ensemble Makes Magic at the Muse, Brooklyn

February 02, 2017

It was magical.  Aerialists flying above us under lights ethereal and surreal, almost psychotropic video art splashed across the walls, highlighting dancers swirling and undulating throughout the entire room.

That was "Yule", presented by Sera Solstice at the Muse Brooklyn on December 10. Gorgeous.

Sera wanted to produce an event that wasn't just a show, but an experience. As an artist-in-residence at the Muse, she used her time there to gather over 50 artists to create this one evening, inviting you "to journey with us, inward and outward, above and below".  

There were tribal fusion belly dancers, DJs, aerialists, video artists, and drummers all doing what they do best to make it a phenomenal evening.  Among the performers were a number of the D.Webb family, like Brenna Crowley, Serena Spears, Heather Bondra and April Casler (giving a shout out because we love them)!

As a vendor, we shared the space with other talented creators, such as Ali Luminescent, Sarah Sparkles, and Dana Divine the Goddess Maker, among others.  We had so much fun, draping all these faery folk in our Empire Hoods (because they were definitely the hit of the evening for us, both women and men scooping them up).  Check out some of our favorites below!

All in all, a wonderful dance into the cold months ahead, and a look forward to the turn of the wheel as the Winter Solstice loomed to usher in the new year.  

Always a reminder to keep dancing D.Webbers.  And if you can, dance in something that shimmers...

Until next time,


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