Tank Girl Themed Photoshoot

Tank Girl Themed Photoshoot

February 18, 2020

Tank Girl - Still the Best Comic Book Movie (Go ahead, fight me...)⠀

Yeah, fight me. Sure, we're in an era chock full of comic book blockbusters, TV shows and animated series, because hey, it's a formula that has us giving a shit ton of our money to the entertainment overlords, but that's the problem. It's a smug, overused formula. Give me a wacky, tongue-in-cheek, low budget indie comic film any day, where the creativity doesn't lie solely in the hands of the brilliant special effects teams that won't get the credit they deserve. ⠀

I want the one that jabs its thumb into the stinking eyesocket (or whatever orifice) of our puritanical sexuality, our hypocritical politics, our dysfunction of ethics. ⠀

I want Tank Girl. ⠀

With these talented creative badasses that always have my back, here is an homage to the ultimate rebel who does shit however the hell she wants... and to Lori Petty, the only actress that should ever play her. ⠀

Creative Badasses:⠀

Photos by: Theik Smith
Stylist and Designer: Debbie D Cartsos, D.Webb Designs
Amazing Hair: Private Practice NYC
Makeup: Christina Michalskii
Concept: me



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