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Team Spotlight: Danielle Albertina - The lady who does everything

April 04, 2019

Meet Danielle Albertina, Debbie's right hand. The organizing, modeling, pattern cutting, inventory keeping, brand ambassador, reminding Debbie to breathe Jill-of-All-Trades here at D.Webb Designs. 

Dancing from the age of three (thanks, Grandma), Dani now flies around the country as a judge for national dance competitions like Starquest while, in the in-betweens, teaching Hip Hop, Salsa and more at Sol Dance Center in Queens, NY, which is, of course, where she met Debbie. One photoshoot and lots of social media love later, Dani became a part of the D.Webb family. 

So I finally sat down with her today to chat (because she's obviously amazing...) and here's what I found out.

First, the basics -

What do you like about D.Webb Designs?

"I love that Debbie's appreciation for dance shows in the clothes, that the versatility of the art form is found in each product. I'll wear an Origami skirt to a competition as a judge, get tons of compliments, but then turn around and use it in a salsa number. I love how D.Webb's belly dance aesthetic still translates to other dance forms."

Fave piece? 

"That's like picking a favorite song! So difficult! I guess I would have to say the Brenna Pant. It's sexy and so unique."

Then we got on the topic of how D.Webb, and Debbie in particular, has influenced Dani in other ways. After watching Debbie style dance pieces from start to finish, seeing how much thought goes into the creation of a costume that truly complements the music, the choreography and the dancer, it has made her focus more on the costume side of the competitions she judges, how an outfit can enhance or distract from the performance (like how sequins should probably be avoided on anyone over the age of 12...for example). She told me how, when she was younger and needed clothes, she would often go to someplace like Forever 21 and find something cheap. Now that she is learning about the process of how clothing (quality clothing) is made, watching Debbie take into account different bodytypes in her designs and being very conscientious about producing locally, it has changed her mind about how she shops for clothes. That local is the way to go, that quality beats quantity every time. 

And what do you see for the future? Both for you and for D.Webb Designs?

"Well, what we are working on right now is Dance Parade New York on May 17. I am so excited for that. I am looking forward to all the different dance styles we'll have on our stage, and seeing how we're going to dress everyone to complement their style. Oh, and I'm choreographing it!

But for the future? I want to see D.Webb on stage at Fashion Week, in a show filled with models of all kinds (which I will choreograph!). And I want to see Debbie on the cover of Vogue!"

(So do I, Dani. So do I...)

And now, in solidarity with our love of all things D.Webb, Dani and I bid you farewell. Or until next time. Or until the Dance Parade!

Your faithful blogger, 



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