The Big Bust Bandeau Challenge!!!

The Big Bust Bandeau Challenge!!!

April 19, 2017

And it's over, folks!  If you've been following us on Instagram or Facebook, you may have seen some of our test pics and videos for the Big Bust Bandeau Challenge.

Your eyebrow raises. "The WHAT?"  So glad you asked.

This is how things tend to start over here at D.Webb Designs.  Debbie and I sit in the studio over coffee talking clothing design (that means Debbie talks, because I can barely sew a button on), and one day, she brings up her bandeaus.  

"You should try one on," she says.  

I scoff, thinking "not a chance in heck".  Y'all must understand, I wear a bra size 30H.  There are two stores in this gigantic metropolis of New York City that sell bras I can wear.  Two.  Concepts such as  "backless", "strapless", or "halterneck"  are anathema to women like me.  The huge heaving sighs we emit during the Oscars' red carpet parade can be seismic.  

So a bandeau?  No way. They never cover the gals completely, they ride up, they ride down, and they make the dreaded "uniboob", or "bloob".  You know, that lovely squashed up shapeless lump a bandeau usually creates on your chest.  So flattering...

But I simply say "No."

"Try it."




"Come on."


"Just tryyyyyy it."

"OK, fine."

And yeah.  It fit.  But you figured that out already, right?  

No one was more shocked than me.  It covered, it lifted, it separated.  It has these things called princess seams that I know nothing about, but Debbie, having a long background in women's bra design, assures me they are part of what make her bandeaus fit so well.  Not only did the bandeau mold nicely to my shape in the front, but there was no extra bunched up fabric in the back.  

To top it off, I could wear it strapless, or use the optional straps that I could twist in all kinds of ways, making sexy designs in the back.  

But I'm thinking, "Hey, this is too good to be true."  There's no way this will hold up under pressure.  Right?

Challenge accepted!!!  And so the Big Bust Bandeau Challenge was born.  

First up, the public dance challenge.  Two nights in a row, I donned a bandeau with one of D.Webb's Open Back Layering Tops... just in case.  We don't want the bandeau going haywire on a public dance floor, after all.

(And can I just say, the Open Back Top/Bandeau combo is now my favorite salsa outfit?  SO MANY compliments, and I got to show off my back for the first time!)

OK, OK, so that went pretty well.  Now for the final test.  How much spinning and twisting can the bandeau stand with no layering top and NO STRAPS???  This couldn't be done in a nightclub, so we needed a more private space to test this out.  Luckily, my super-amazing Krav Maga school, Krav Maga Experts, was kind enough to lend me their space in the off hours.  And here is what happened...

First dance, OK OK, not ready to let go of the Open Back Top yet.  Gimme a sec...  No straps, though!

OK, safety net is gone, Bandeau is on it's own, and music is a little faster.  Here goes nothing! (Hopefully...)

Success!!!!!  Woohoo!!!  It didn't fall off!!!!  (Giant sigh of relief... because flashing my best friend is NOT on my bucket list, you know?)

So here is my final tally on the D.Webb Bandeaus:

1.  First, please be aware that I do wear a strapless bra underneath the bandeaus.  Of course I do, because GRAVITY.  That being said, the power mesh Debbie sews inside the bandeaus, along with the princess seams, really do a bang-up job of giving the ladies some extra support.  

2.  However, if you plan on jumping up and down in your bandeau, use the straps, because, again, GRAVITY.  

3.  I was wearing a D.Webb size 4, the largest size, and my 30H equates to a 40C. You can also check out the sizing guidelines at  

4.  If you still don't fit into one of the D.Webb sizes, don't worry.  There are no single custom bandeaus at this time, only bulk custom orders, but there are plans in the works for expanding the sizing options!  Yay!

5.  Debbie is always improving her designs, and after this little experiment, she has some ideas to make them even better!  I can't imagine how, but there ya go.

 And that's all for now, D.Webbers!

Until next time,


Intrepid D.Webb Blogger


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