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The D.Webb Muses: Rouge and the Birth of Urban Pop

June 25, 2021

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The D.Webb Muses:
Rouge and the Birth of Urban Pop

I don't think you're ready for this next one - Rouge is one of our dearest friends and an incredibly talented artist! Her passion for dance, music, art, and theatre is such an inspiration to us. Rouge's unique sound blends hip hop, club music, R&B, and ballroom vibes, all coming together in a genre referred to as "Urban Pop." She is also one of our gorgeous models, and we can't wait to work with her again!


Check out our deep dive into everything Rouge - her artistry, her inspiration, and and her current projects. Keep reading to find out all the juicy deets! And don't forget to follow her on Instagram!


Rouge NYC artist D.Webb Collab
Rouge is wearing her Inca Empire and Serpent Bell Bottom Pants


What was your last album about and what inspired it?

So technically my last album which was my first & only album was a couple of years ago, entitled SHE RA. My latest work which is an Ep, I would say the inspiration behind it is not highlighted by what it’s about; but more so my intention. All of the production was done by me. Sound wise I really wanted to create a lane and solidly the genre I’ve attached myself to, ‘urban pop.’ So just a lot of fun and transparency.


What has been your biggest challenge as an artist?

I try not to focus on the challenges too much, but I would say the idea of sharing was a challenge at one point. As an artist of course, it’s natural & almost a duty to share, but for me personally I’m a private person. I’ve experienced a lot of growth & have also altered my perspective on letting people into my world & art and what it is to me. So the balance is there.


What is the main message you’d like to send with your lyrics?

Freedom & Bada$$ness


Are you working on any new projects?

Yes! I just dropped my EP “Acid Cumbustion” less than a week ago it’s available everywhere. Way more music to come too. I have a full month of filming & shoots so a lot of visuals and collaborations on the rise.


Other than music, what else are you passionate about? Do any of those passions find their way into your music?

I’m a performing artist, my first love is dance, which introduced me to theatre, and we all went out to a party which is where I met music. So the arts as a whole is my passion as well as learning. I guess it’s safe to say life is my passion for sure.

What is your favorite thing about D.Webb Designs? What are your favorite items?

D.Webb is in a caliber of its own already being that everything is handmade. In addition to, line cateres to movers and dancers. I love everything, I would say my favorites are always the tops with the empires. Love!


Where can we download and listen to your music?

Everywhere and for a one stop shop visit


Where can we follow you?

Subscribe on and follow me on Instagram.  


Isn't Rouge inspiring? She's working hard on a lot of new collabs and projects that will debut soon, and we can hardly wait to see them. Be sure to subscribe to her newsletter to keep up with all of the excitement!

Shop Rouge's looks and use code: Rougeway to save 10% and 10% of your purchase will be donated to Rouge!


Rouge and D.Webb collab photo by Marquis Hughes  

Rouge is wearing her Metallic Chevron Skirt with the matching Empire  
Photo by Marquis Hughes

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