The Magical, Mystical, Versatile Empire Hood!

Posted on January 25 2017

"We got hoods here!  Get'cher hoods here!  Get 'em before they're gone!  We got Summer hoods, Winter hoods, and hoods for days that don't know what season it is!  We got long hoods, short hoods, and hoods in every color of the rainbow!  We got funny hoods, dramatic hoods, and if you can't decide how ya feel, we got hoods for that, too!  

Yeah.  We got hoods... "

The D.Webb Designs Empire Hood.  It's one of our most popular items!  No surprise there, though, right, D.Webbers?  A comfortable, versatile item that can be worn in dozens of ways, and it's so PRETTY!  It can be worn as a hood, a scarf, a vest, and...well...just look at the video below with our very own Debbie demonstrating.

The Empire is a great carry-everywhere-all-the-time accessory. Drape it over your head on a hot sunny day to shield your face, and when you walk into a building that thinks air conditioning should equal hypothermia (and there are so, so many), drop it down over your shoulders. Voila!  It can go from scarf to hood to fashionable evening shrug all in one day.  And since most of D.Webb's hoods are reversible, you get twice as many possibilities!

And let us not forget Debbie's dance roots and the inspiration for so much of her work.  It also makes a gorgeous dramatic piece on stage.

Here are some happy customers wearing their Empire Hoods in so many ways, all around the world!!

In Debbie's own words:  "I had so much fun coming up with this design. I know it seeeeems simple but I spent quite a bit of time perfecting it.  And it was so worth it! ... I am so thankful to all my lovely D.Webb clients for all your support and love! With you, The D.Webb Empire continues to grow!"

The D.Webb Empire Hood.  Beautiful... versatile... made with love... pretttttyyyy...

And there it is.  That's our spiel!   Now if you'll excuse me...

"Empire Hoods!  Get'cher Hoods here!  Get 'em before they're gone..." 

(No, really.  Go get your hoods at  New styles are always being released, along with limited edition fabrics, so don't miss them!)

Until next time, D.Webbers!

Your faithful blogger,




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