2020 has been one for the books!

2020 has been one for the books!

December 31, 2020

Hello to our wonderful D.Webb Empire!! As 2020 draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on what a crazy year this has been -  COVID, lockdowns, civil unrest, and an election. All in all….it’s been a ROUGH year! We had to completely change the way we do business and scale back our production, but through all the struggle, we made significant accomplishments.

First, we set up our team to be able to work safely. Our seamstress Jacinta usually commutes over an hour to get to Astoria. For her health and safety (and to avoid public transit), we set up her home with machinery and equipment in her home so she can work remotely! 

Debbie also worked very closely with our production room in NYC to keep things running. It was a huge struggle. They were extremely low on staff but they managed to pull through and make our FAV new threads like the Capris with pockets, the NASTY tops, skater skirts and more! 

We also expanded our team this year to help transition into 100% e-commerce mode. Prianca and Rafaela were both hired during this pandemic! Prianca manages our social media and works remotely from Florida. Rafaela is Debbie’s in-house right hand where and we always keep our masks on! Our graphic designer and ambassador liaison, Donna, also works remotely from Virginia. We’ve done everything we can to keep our team healthy!

 Another MAJOR accomplishment was being able to donate over $2,000 to charities and artists! As a small business that’s been greatly impacted this year, this is HUGE!! Through mask sales and our own donations, we donated to 10 different organizations! Here’s a list of who we gave to:

▶ Know Your Rights Camp
▶ Food Bank for New York City
▶ WomenKind
▶ The Ali Forney Center
▶ New York Black Lives Matter, Inc
▶ Give Me Astoria Relief Fund
▶ NYC Dance Design Collective
▶ Kami Liddle Lockdown Shows (including individual artists)
▶ Raven’s Night
▶ Art of the Belly Fundraiser


The fun doesn’t stop there! This year we also launched our ambassador program which wouldn’t have come to fruition without our very own Donna! We’ve been trying to get this program started for two years, and with Donna’s expertise, we finally launched this year! Thank you to all of our incredible ambassadors for joining us on this crazy ride!! We appreciate everything you do!

And last but not least, we want to highlight YOU! Thank you for supporting us through this difficult year. Every time you make a purchase, tag us in your photos, like our posts, leave a comment, sign up for emails, and watch our IG Lives, you are supporting our small brand and team! You keep us going! Next year is going to be tough, there’s no doubt, but we’re thankful to everyone who is supporting us! We love our D.Webb Empire!!! 💖

Please stay safe and healthy! Happy holidays from the entire D.Webb team! ❄️ 

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