"Waking Persephone" Styled by, Yours Truly <3

May 17, 2018

Are you curious to know what your designer Debbie Despina Cartsos is up to whenever she is not in the design studio? YOU'RE IN LUCK! Check out one of the many contributions to the Fashion Industry Debbie is involved in.

Waking Persephone

Inspired by Greek mythology, artist H.James Hoff envisioned a modern day depiction of “Persephone” the goddess of the underworld, vegetation and springtime. To give you a better idea for just who H.James Hoff is, Debbie quotes that he “is not only JUST a fashion photographer...” James is a modest and strikingly talented artist. He has mastered a wide range of visual arts including photography, oil on canvas, and camera scenic artistry on productions such as Oblivion, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, just to name a few. As you could imagine, when James approached D.WebbNYC for her expertise in styling to assist in bringing his vision to life, she was more than ecstatic to take on the challenge.

In the project titled “Waking Persephone,” Debbie and James eloquently depicted the story of a modern day Persephone emerging from Hades. DWebbNYC’s delivery of styling Persephone is not only metaphorically relevant, trendy and chic, but beautifully displays the darker side of human nature and conversely a transformative story of enlightenment.  

The Team:
Photography: Digital & Polaroids by H.James Hoff
Model: Alissandre Martines
Styling: D.WebbNYC
Hair Stylist: Laura Vignola
Makeup: Jen Greene
Location: Esther and Carol, NYC.

Pulling from local designers from NYC, San Francisco and New Jersey, this contemporary twist on the Greek tale displays a modern urban dame taking on the streets of NYC. This editorial was graciously shot in NYC’s own Ester and Carol’s Restaurant, located in Little Italy. The retro themed underground nightclub/lounge filled with incandescent lighting and rock n’ roll imagery, set the perfect mood for a metaphorical hades. The Sarah D. Roosevelt Park was used to display the aftermath of surfacing from the underground. The soft and elegant photographs highlight the natural pastel colors of spring, giving a fantastical aesthetic. The pale colors in Persephone’s clothes give a dreamy like quality reminiscent of rebirth, awakening and purity. The visualizations are subtle yet so creatively effective, making the duo’s restaging of Persephone’s story one of which that is eternal rather than literal.

While Debbie’s styling work has been published in Prestige International, Tantalum, Dark Beauty, Elements, Eluxe, 23 Magazine and Papercut, truth be told, she isn’t necessarily in LOVE with working in “fashion.” With that being said, Debbie does absolutely love designing, art, clothing and dance. Her styling experience within the fashion industry has contributed to her expertise when it comes to what is aesthetically pleasing as well as what is relevant. If you have any D.Webb Designs wear of your own, you can see the passion and effort that has gone into Debbie’s work. Interested to see the magazine pages D.Webb Designs was highlighted in? CHECK IT OUT HERE!

With Love,


Vintage Velvet monokini by Betsey Johnson
Forgotten Lore chainmail collar by ItIsKnown
Brenna pant by D.Webb Designs
Skull Zipper wrist wraps by ZipNecklace
Shoes by GUESS
Location: Esther & Carol, NYC.

Ragnarok chainmail overskirt by ItIsKnown
Hecate Velvet skirt by D.Webb Designs
Skull Zipper necklaces by ZipNecklace
Location: Esther & Carol, NYC.

Dance Camp pant by Studio 508
Fancy Jersey top and Lace bandeau by D.Webb Designs
Sunglasses by Mui Mui
Moon Phases earrings by Luni
Canvas backpack by State Bags
Shoes by 1.STATE

Ethereal Floral Crown by LA FEMME MILLINERY
Raw Amethyst body chain and Large Triangle earrings by Luni
Bella Ribbed Knit Bodycon dress by UO
Location: Esther & Carol, NYC.

Natural Romance Studded Moto Jacket by BLANKNYC
Reina Del Sol ring set and Malachite Triangle Earrings by Luni

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