Welcome Akzara to the D.Webb Designs Family!!!

Welcome Akzara to the D.Webb Designs Family!!!

October 04, 2017 1 Comment

We have some great news for you!

We would like to announce Akzara Martini as our very first official D.Webb Designs INTERNATIONAL Ambassador !!!

I had the great pleasure of meeting Akzara and seeing her perform at Tribal Massive this past spring. Akzara and her traveling companion Lilian, also an amazing dancer, showed so much enthusiasm for our designs. It was really uplifting :)

We exchanged information and after that we kept in touch via social media. Gosh ya got to love technology!

Akzara is a Dark fusion dancer from Caracas Venezuela. She works out of her "Sombras" studio and is the creator of her own unique style of dance. Sombras is a fusion of both classical and tribal Belly dance, and urban dance styles, which she has been studying since she was 14 years old. She loves to dance to rock and electronic music, giving the choreographies a dark and powerful style. Akzara teaches her Sombras style in Mexico and various cities throughout the U.S. Her signature is her powerful stage presence and her amazing sense of musicality allowing her to combine opposing styles such as tribal belly dance and hip hop.

D. Webb Designs Ambassador Akzara Martini

Akzara completely blew me away and I continue to watch video after video and am always amazed. She’s also an incredible teacher. Akzara is a dancer that brings in many facets of dance in her choreographies, she’s passionate, her stage presence.... out of this world. Basically she's a #powerhouse and I just happen to really like her :)

Once again welcome Akzara! Can’t wait to see you rocking it out in D.Webb Designs!!!

Welcome to the family!


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April 29, 2018

I’m so proud that she is my teacher! Congrats Akz! ?☂️

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