May 03, 2018

A big THANK YOU!!! to all who participated in our survey!

We want you to know that we cherish, value and hear YOU. We have already taken the very helpful feedback into consideration! Since you were so kind to let us learn a little more about you and your preferences, we’re gonna share what we learned from the survey results as well, and what D.Webb Designs will look like going forward!

1. What was your first reaction to our products?

Survey says that the most popular answer was…..
I love the varied patterns, textures and designs”
Well guess what D.Webb Designs Tribe… we love you too and promise to keep providing the variety of styles to you so you’re the classiest, sassiest and finest thing hitting the stages or streets.

2. If you haven't purchased our product before, what is stopping you?

Happy Tribe Members

Helpful Feedback Crew

“none of the above- I want/have bought ALL THE PRODUCTS!!!

“I have a small collection and would love to add to it!”

“I have bought two items. Excitedly waiting for them to arrive.”

“I have SO MUCH D.Webb!”

“Already purchased and plan on buying more”

“Only a few things will fit me

International sales & having a small ribcage and Large bust I don't know if the tops would be suitable/supportive enough as most models seem to have small cup size.”

“Didn’t have the extra funds at the time”

“Most items not suited to my body type(but debbaloons = ride or die)”

We’re so happy to see so many of our survey takers are already D. Webb customers! Thank you for your loyalty and continued support as we try to make our product the best we can for YOU!

-For our friends who state we don’t carry your size, please reach out to us! Are our options too small, too large? If anything were in your size, which prize is in your eye? Which clothing options would you prefer?

-For our friends who are saving up, we hear you and commend your self control abilities! Due to the nature of our custom designs, and in house production, our prices are very relevant for the product, however, we are super excited to announce that we have been working on some more affordable options so we can cater to our clientele ballin’ on a budget or those who want to have their cake and D. Webb too! While we iron through the details of new materials of high quality product brought to you in a variety of price ranges, we do encourage everyone to take advantage of our sale page, promotions as well as our rewards program! Fun Fact, did you know that if you’re enrolled in our rewards program, for every dollar you spend at D.Webb Designs, you earn point?!?!. Sign up today at to start earning points right away! Kudos to all who used their 10% already for this survey!

-Four our international friends, please reach out to tell us where you are! We will put our best dancing foot forward to accommodate you!

3. If you are a returning customer, what was your experience with our product?

Most of you say, “Amazing, no complaints!” While the second most popular answer was, “I have never purchased a D. Webb product before.” Some feedback we got in our comment section was that our store was hard to track down as well as one product malfunction that was unfortunately not brought to our attention. :(

Thank you for the abundance of compliments within our survey.
For new D. Webb comers, we hope you join our tribe and hope to see you strutting in our stuff soon. We are always available online at as well as on instagram @d_webb_designs! We love sharing our customers experience with our product, so please snap and share! You might just find yourself featured on the D. Webb instagram page. ;)
For our friends with any questions at all, at D. Webb we hold a high regard for customer service and pride ourselves in our ability to keep our customers happy. If you ever have ANY concerns,  please let us know! We’re happy to make it right, right away. :)

4. If you did not completely fall in love with our product or service, please share why and what you think could have been improved upon?

Here’s some of our favorite and most entertaining responses:
I have zero complaints, and the prices are on point, I’m just a broke bitch instead of a boss bitch. I love all of your garments and you!”
“Can you make me win the lottery so I can buy more loons?”
“You’re always very attentive to your customers.”
“I feel Debra is an amazing designer and she spoils me with one of a kind designs”
“Loved it and get complements every time I wear them!”

Here’s some feedback we’re taking into consideration and/or have already put in motion!
I fell in love. More! More headgear, more scarves, more lace-up tops/dresses!”
“The skirts and pantaloons!”
“Want to buy more- but as usual- fundage is always an issue. one thing I would love are more colored long pant options!”
“The shirts don’t seem to fit me as well as the other things”
“I would love some things in cottons and linens.”

GREAT NEWS PARTY PEOPLE: Brenna Print Pant was introduced for the first time at Art of the Belly, was a big hit as we’ve sold out of some styles/sizes! This pant comes in a size range XS-2X and provides you a fun floral pattern, just in time for spring! For more colorful pantaloon options, check out our Chevron version!  D.Webb is currently in production for the Cleo top that was designed by a true design/pattern making expert, Debbie’s mother, Angela Harris. This top is geared towards our full figured and bustier customers. This top will also be available in large orders for example troops or dance teams. Perfect top to print your logo onto to rep your group.  We can’t WAIT to share with you soon. We’ve also already launched the “fancy jersey” tops, which is currently also being made in XL and 2X! These shirts offer generous space and are very comfortable for a top. We definitely recommend checking them out if you haven’t already yet!

5. Where do you find yourself purchasing your apparel from the most?

We learned that you all LOVE online shopping, while in a VERY close second, you prefer to purchase in person. We will keep you posted whenever we have our pop up shops and as you already know, is always there for your convenience. We update the website as quickly as we can and can’t wait to  share some new items there very, very soon!

6. When looking at or wearing our product, how does it make you feel?

One of our favorite tailored responses was:
I love the origami skirt and other opaque, interesting cuts. I use these pieces when we have interviews coming in. I feel like it breaks up the stuffy-ness of corporate clothing to have something that covers and flatters me in something I’m sure no one has seen.

Special Shout out to our tribe member who is bringing some flare to the corporate world! Thanks for sharing your creativity on where you bring your D. Webb. We know 100% you rock that skirt!

The most answered option for this question was All of the above, which included; confident, sexy, like a million bucks, comfortable, warm.
The second most answered option was confident.

We are SO thrilled to know you feel great wearing your D.Webb wears. We already knew the D.Webb “Empire” is filled with rockstars, and we’re just happy you feel like we contribute to your overall awesomeness. Keep it up Empresses!

7. Are you a dancer? If so, how would you classify yourself?

Most of you are part time dancers and the second most answered option was “I dance as a hobby” Whether you’re a professional, part timer, just for fun or not at all… we think you’re fierce AF and glad you choose our product to swirl, strut or sit in! We love all three of those options. :)

8. Does our size range read clear and cater to your individualistic needs?

Most of you replied with yes, however, we do hear you to our friends stating that measurements, dimensions or a size chart would be helpful! Please let it be known that Debbie’s biggest company mission for 2018 is to standardize items with a size chart for the options where customers can pick out their usual dress, bra or clothing size and identify the equivalent size in D.Web Designs. We understand that from one item to the next, there is an overlap. For example, the Traveloon pants XL to bandeau sizes XL. Traveloons or Debbaloons are very roomy, while our tops are little bit more form fitting. We are actively working towards a solution and can’t wait to share with you the results ASAP!  

9. Please indicate your level of satisfaction with D.Webb Designs customer service.

80% of you are very satisfied while the second most picked choice was satisfied! We’re so happy to hear you all are enjoying your product. We will keep pushing forward so that 100% are MORE than very satisfied!

10. If I were told to visit D.Webb Designs and use the discount code of Survery5678 for completing this survey honestly, I would say...

Most of you answered HECK YES, THANK YOU!!!
While the next best choice for you all was With all due respect, I cannot use my $10 off code just yet! But I still love you D.Webb Designs
We’re so glad that most of you cashed in your $10 for your hard work on this survey! We hope everyone enjoys their $10 soon and thank you very much for your help!

With Love and Many Hugs,

From one of the newest D.Webb Crew Members and Brand Ambassadors,

Dani Albertina

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