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Our Abstract Striped Pantaloons remind us of tree bark and it's made from a super soft drapey lightweight rayon crepe. Comfortable and flowy and they take up very little space when packed up. Roll them twist them, stuff them in a bag! These harem pants feature our No Muffin Top waistband. This fabric is Limited Edition.

Style tip: To shorten the length, simply pull the elastic at the leg so it rests higher on your shin. The fabric length will drape over your ankles. Another trick is to shorten them from the cotton waistband. The elastic in the waistband has been left exposed at one discreet point at the back (inside) to allow you to adjust accordingly.

Care Instructions: Hand wash with like colors in cold water, line dry. Gentle care will extend the life of your garment.

Model: Debbie

Made in NYC Alternative Edgy bellydance apparel