Meet the Team

Debbie D. Cartsos she/her: Founder, CEO & Designer

Debbie is an award winning, second generation designer and pattern maker. She studied apparel design and pattern making at Veloudakis Private Institute of Design in Greece. After graduating she moved to New York where she continued her studies in fashion specializing in merchandising and intimate apparel design at NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology. At FIT she received the Jean Yu Critic Design Award and the Intimate Apparel Council Merit Award.

Debbie spent 9 years designing in the intimate apparel field. Along with her love of fashion and design, she is also an avid lover of dance. Her personal exploration into dance helped her discover that there was a way to merge her two passions into one: D.Webb Designs - a well made, versatile lifestyle apparel brand that not only feels good but also looks really cool on and off the dance floor.

Debbie handles product development, sales, pattern making, styling and many other things. Despite the challenges of being a small business owner she looks forward to starting her day in her design studio and when she is not in D.Webb Mode she is either dancing or spending time with her partner in life Len.. 

"I believe that if you can combine creativity and technicality as a designer you can make the impossible possible." ~Debbie Despina Cartsos

Donna Manalo (she/her): Graphic Designer / “Godmother of Goods” / Ambassador Liaison / UX Consultant

Dancer and Designer Donna Manalo is a storyteller by nature: she seeks to uncover the magic hidden around us. Although Donna and Debbie first met on the dance floor, their bond was forged in the heart of the Garment District. During D.Webb’s early days, Donna worked as a fashion designer, creating licensed children’s apparel and swimwear. The two would shimmy over for a coffee, lament the machinations of the fashion industry, and dream of better days.

Donna believes that every item that D.Webb presents is special: these are high quality, well-made garments designed by a truly skilled artist. Each piece has its own story to tell. Perhaps there is one here that can help you tell yours?

You can catch Donna online as she dances her way across the internet - she is currently working her way through the Salimpour Institute and will soon have many more stories to share. 

Prianca Jyotishi (she/her): Social Media & Marketing Manager / Debbie’s Virtual Right Hand

Prianca graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Marketing & Retail. During her 5 years working in the apparel industry as an assistant buyer, Prianca experienced the negative impacts of corporate fashion.  This prompted her to change her career to work with more ethical brands. She is thrilled to be a part of the D.Webb team where fashion is not only ethically produced, but also empowers body positivity and living our authentic lives! Prianca manages all of D.Webb’s social media accounts, writes blogs for the website, creates content and works on anything related to marketing. When she is not working, she loves to dance and create editorial makeup looks.

Rafaela Oli (she/her): Debbie's in-House wearing many hats assistant

Rafaela hails from Brazil where she began dancing at age 4. She has been studying dance since then and became well-versed in many styles. Rafaela has competed in many big festivals, participated in Dance TV Shows, taught workshops and regular classes, both locally and internationally.

In 2018, she won a scholarship of classes at Broadway Dance Center – NY, making it one of her proudest accomplishments.

Today, Rafaela resides in NY and is really proud to be part of the D.Webb team. She is Debbie's right hand in the studio, assisting with cutting patterns, modeling, fit modeling, inventory, shipping and running errands in the Garment District. She believes that the brand promotes inclusion, diversity and social support in addition to the insanely incredible and unique pieces and hopes to inspire and empower women along with the brand.