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 Wear this front and back, knot it, wrap it, the styling possibilities are endless! 

This black cotton Wrap Top features a cut and weave design, pleated shoulder seam, strategically placed darts and extra long ties. This easy wear top slips on and can be wrapped and tied up in different ways. Tie in a square knot in front and let the ties ends sway, tie it on one side, cross the ties in front and wrap and tie in the back, twist the ties in front twice or more and wrap diagonally down to the back and tie for a unique look.

This cotton fabric is so soft, and breathable. Wear this top for a dance party, performance or even over a casual summer dress for a little extra coverage! 

Care Instructions: Wash with like colors in cold water, line dry only. Gentle care will extend the life of your garment.

Model: Debbie Despina Cartsos