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Our best selling Side Slit Pants are a sexy, flirty style. It teases with a flash of leg whenever you walk or dance (and are shockingly comfortable!). Our signature wide waistband finishes the top so it can be worn at a level comfortable for you, high waist or hip. Fold the waistband down or keep it up. It is made from a high rayon performance knit so it stretches in all the right places and recovers back to its original dimensions.

This style is perfectly suited to all types of dance, from belly dance to ballroom & salsa. If you are teaching in them simply tuck them in the waistband so your dance students can see what your feet are doing. Don't forget to wear these out on date night! :)

Due to the nature of the high performance knits we most often use, and the ingenuity of our designs, D.Webb Sizing is very forgiving.

Care Instructions: Wash with like colors in cold water, line dry. Gentle care will extend the life of your garment.

Models: Dixi, Shannon and Danielle Albertina