Deep Purple Lamé Debbaloons

Made to order - Please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Lightweight, soft touch, lame fabric 'loons topped with a 100% cotton waist band for increased comfort. Made for movement!

This pair is sewn from a drapey, lightweight, rich, reflective fabric with a narrow, solid black elasticized waistband, and elastic at the hem of each leg. Each of the elastic points are adjustable.

Purple is one of the most challenging colors when it comes to accurate representation online. These are a rich dark purple that lean ever slightly closer to blue. 

I have been making my D.Webb pantaloons for quite some time now and they have been a big hit within the ATS/ Tribal Fusion Belly Dance community, they've even even acquired their own nick-name among my troupe's members - Debbaloons!!!

These pantaloons will add pizzazz to your performance! They work with your 25 yard skirt (whether you are wearing one or two). Debbaloons are delightfully wide even in this lightweight fabric version. These may be some of the lightest pantaloons I've sewn up!

The cotton at the waist provides breath-ability and comfort as well as preventing your hip-wear and skirts from slipping and sliding.

To shorten the length, simply pull the elastic at the leg so it rests higher on your shin. The fabric length will drape over your ankles. Another trick is to shorten them from the cotton waist band. The elastic in the waistband has been left exposed at one discreet point at the back (inside) to allow you to adjust accordingly.

Length 45"

Due to the nature of the high performance knits we most often use, and the ingenuity of our designs, D.Webb Sizing is very forgiving. Sizes often overlap, especially for our skirts and Debbaloons.

Wash with like colors in cold water, line dry. Gentle care will extend the life of your garment.

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