PHOTO Gun Metal Dot Fringe-Limited Edition

Funtastic metallic sequin fringe hip-scarf. Many of you dancers might have first-hand knowledge of just know how long it takes to cut this fabric into fringe...Well I did the work for you! I added fringe to the belt ties as well because why not? The belt itself is a durable stretch velvet speckled with silver that does not shed. Layer it over your Debbaloons and skirt for performance, or toss it on over leggings/yoga pants for class/hafla.

See how it shimmers on stage in the video below!  (Dressed head to toe in D.Webb!)

(Choreographed by Irina Bellyrina.  Danced by Irina Bellyrina, Debbie Despina Cartsos, and Estefania Vaz Ferreira at Sol Dance Center in Astoria, NYC)

Hand wash in cold water, lay flat to dry. Gentle care will extend the life of your garment.


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