Skirted Harem Pant

The Skirted Harem pant is wide-legged pant with leg cuff and our signature wide waistband. A diamond mesh half-skirt (hip scarf) sewn up the leg in a gather. That plus the high performance knit fabric used to create this will make the Skirted Harem the easiest layered look you'll have in your closet! They are a very versatile wear. They travel incredibly well and are very difficult to wrinkle, they are completely opaque and very soft to the touch. The diamond mesh lace is durable and not at all easy to snag or rip.

The wide cuff of the leg can be worn from mid-calf to under the knee (capri style).
The outer skirt is a meticulously draped layer of durable, but delicate looking, diamond mesh, securely stitched to the pant. A sash is built right in, you can tie it at any side or angle.

The wide D.Webb signature waistband has great stretch, it bounces back without binding. It can be worn up or folded down for a lower rise.

Wash with like colors in cold water, line dry. Gentle care will extend the life of your garment. 


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