#happyperiod + Global Scarves = A Good Cause

Posted on September 05 2016

Global.  What does that make you think of?  ...warming?  ...climate change?  ...village?  

Either way, it's a huge concept.  It overwhelms.  At least until we give ourselves a mental headslap and remember that, oh yeah, global is also what is right in front of us -- we are all a part of "global," no matter where we are.  It comes with the whole "living on planet Earth" thing.  So, we said to ourselves, why not start with something we see every day?  Just pick one thing that helps to make our corner of the global village a little bit better.  

And make it prettier while we're at it...

We chose the charity #happyperiod, and decided to combine it with our new handmade Global Scarves.  Yay!

#happyperiod's mission is "to provide menstrual hygiene kits to the homeless who would otherwise go without."  As a woman (or a man, or however you choose to identify), can you imagine what it must be like for a woman without home or resources when that time of the month arrives?  Many good samaritans donate to homeless shelters and such, but does this particular hardship, one that thousands of women (and that's just in New York City) have to deal with every month, ever occur to us?  

Well, it occurred to #happyperiod's founder Chelsea Vonchaz, and now she has created this wonderful charity that helps put the necessary supplies directly into the hands of the women who need them.  And because our own founder, Debbie Cartsos, has been a part of the organization's fundraising events in the past, she has seen the good that #happyperiod does with her very own eyes and wants to do something more to be a part of it.  

So, D.Webb Designs has decided to give a percentage of the sales of our new Global Scarves directly to #happyperiod.  These  scarves are the perfect choice.  Every one is handmade and uniquely adorned with meaningful embellishments from around the world.  From traditional Moroccan mozuna discs, to Indian tassels, to Mexican milagros (meaning "miracles", charms worn for protection and good luck, each with it's own symbolism. Check out for some of their meanings).  The scarf can be worn on the hips, but can also be worn around the neck, as a headwrap, or draped over your little black dress as an elegant accessory.  

Debbie put a lot of love into these pieces, and that, above all, is what makes them a perfect fit with #happyperiod's cause.  Thoughtful clothing as unique as #happyperiod and each and every woman they help.  

So be sure to visit D.Webb Designs again soon for the updated listing for our Global Scarves, coming super soon!!  And check out these cute vids Debbie and I did showing lots of interesting ways to wear it at


As always, love from the D.Webb Designs family.

Until next time...



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