alica freeman cosplay and dance

Good things with the D.Webb Ambassadors: The Initiative of Alicia Freeman

August 23, 2021

Three IS the magic number, and your D.Webb Team has been known to find delight in the odd bit of magic. Take some time out of your day to meet D.Webb Ambassador Alicia and see that good things really do come in threes.

alicia freeman cosplay artist

Alicia is an incredibly talented dancer and cosplayer! She has been cosplaying for 15 years and regularly sews her own designs to create the character's look. She is also a belly dancer and specializes in the Fly Fusion format. We interviewed Alicia to find out all the juicy deets about her life!

alicia freeman cosplay and dance

 Alicia is wearing our Liquid Metal Empire

What are THREE things that inspire you to create a cosplay look?

1) What are things I like about this character? Is it the outfit or their personality, or are they a character concept that I've been thinking about for a while.
2) Do I have existing costume pieces I can use to bring this look to life already available to me? OR does one of my existing costume pieces inspire me to make a new look? (My Alolan Marowak was 100% inspired by the D.Webb ITS Jam Pants!).
3) Will I have fun while I'm wearing it? That fun could be it's fun to pose in, or it's a great dance outfit, or I can connect with other fans through this costume!

Give us THREE examples of cosplays you've created with D.Webb pieces.

Alolan Marowak Pokemon cosplay

1) My Alolan Marowak Pokemon cosplay is my favorite that I've created with D.Webb pieces. I purchased the pants while I was playing the game Pokemon: Let's Go Eevee. After catching an Alolan Marowak in game I couldn't get the idea out of my head to use those pants for a cosplay. I had to make it! Alolan Marowak ended up being a popular cosplay at the 2 conventions I wore it to. People really enjoyed seeing that character brought to life!

dungeons and dragons cosplay

2) My glam Dungeons and Dragons inspired look used the liquid metal pants and empire. It has a fun story behind why it happened, too. I had just messaged an artist asking for permission to dance to their music. Soon after that, they released a beautiful cover of the intro song to Critical Role (a very popular DnD show on Twitch) and asked if I wanted to dance to it. The silver glam of the pants and empire were perfect for the feel of the song, so I made a D20 top and some jewelry to match them.

dark mermaid cosplay

3) This past summer mermaids and mermaid songs have been a very popular trend, particularly the idea of dangerous mermaids! I found a pair of green and black Kracken leggings that originally inspired this cosplay. While putting together the rest of the look I thought the D.Webb Runway halter, with the netting in the middle, would look perfect! I had a lot of fun dancing as a deadly mermaid. It's kind of an empowering feeling to turn yourself into a beautiful and deadly creature. (necklace from Bold Oracle; wig from Purple Plum)

What are THREE things people should know about you?

1) I am a very passionate person. When I get excited about something I put a lot of my energy into it! 
2) I am an environmentalist. After having worked in research and natural resources for 10 years, I care a lot about our environment and encouraging others to care for it as well. One of my panels for conventions is called Reduce, Reuse, ReCosplay, and it's all about how to reduce your environmental impact with costuming. This covers everything from thrifting materials, to making high quality costumes that you will wear many times, to finding clever ways to recycle items in the costume making process!
3) I love animals. Both studying them in their natural environment, appreciating them at Zoos or Aquariums, and my beloved pets at home: 2 cats and many fish!

List THREE things you like to do when you don’t have to be responsible.

1) Video gaming and table top gaming have been a big and important part of my life. I play online with my friends, and even though many of us live 100s of miles apart, we're still able to connect and hang out online.
2) I love to be outside, hiking at my local parks, walking around the city, and camping when I get the chance.
3) Watching YouTubers and Twitch streamers are a more recent pastime of mine. There are just so many fun and interesting things to watch online!

What are THREE ways to find you? 

You can find me on most social media sites under the name Dewfeathers (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitch), or on my website
alicia freeman pokemon dress
Alicia is wearing our Dark Baroque Bolero
Don't forget to use Alicia's ambassador code 'DEWFEATHERS' when you shop! You'll save 10% and 10% of your order will go to Alicia to support her cosplays! Thank you so much to Alicia for your incredible energy!! We are so happy to have you on the D.Webb Ambassador team! 😘

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