Movie Magic with D.Webb and Friends

Posted on June 29 2016

In the film world, we see it again and again, those extraordinary teams that just click and reach for each other in project after project. You know them: Scorsese and De Niro, Wes Andersen and Bill Murray, Elia Kazan and Katherine Hepburn, to name a few.  You never know when it will hit, or how far it will go, but when it happens, it's magic... 

Like now. 

"A Day In The Life of Tatianna Tarot" is the latest project from our own Debbie Cartsos in collaboration with Kermit Mercado of Kerm & Me, Lorenia Henriquez of Luni Jewelry, and the subject of our video, Ms. Tatianna Tarot.  Debbie wanted to film an average "day in the life" while showing how D.Webb Designs can be such an easy, comfortable part of that, and though this is the first time the whole team has worked together, Debbie has a longstanding relationship with everyone both through D.Webb Designs and the dance world.

 Kermit (and his hamburger socks) prepping a shoot...

Debbie met videographer/photographer Kermit through ModelMayhem in 2012 where they hit it off, quickly collaborating on some behind-the-scenes videos for Dark Beauty and Prestige Magazines, for which Debbie was the stylist.  The videos (and the styling) were a hit (you can see snippets from some of their collaborations here 0:00-1:25 min), and it was just so darn easy to work together, that... yep, magic. 

 Tatianna, owner of My Urban Illumination, doing what she does best...

With Tatianna, the vibe was instantaneous.  Both coming from the belly dance world, it was an inevitable meeting of minds and movement and ideologies.  Debbie finds Tatianna to be a truly warm, open and inspiring person, and reads her blog regularly for the uplifting motivation she gets from it.  Is it any wonder Tatianna was chosen as the subject of this video?  

 Tatianna and Lorenia... awww.  Friendship.

Tatianna herself provided the final piece in this strange alchemy of connection when she introduced Debbie to jewelry designer Lorenia (because all apparel needs the perfect accessories).  The three ladies created the Asteria Indie Collective, where they produced a popular interactive trunk show with a plethora of artists and performers of all kinds in a friendly and creative environment, and are currently planning the next installment.

And now, with the addition of Kermit, these four creative minds have come together for what, we hope, is only the first of many projects.  Shooting day began with coffee and snacks (a no-brainer for anyone who knows Debbie and her coffee addiction), and then a smooth flow throughout the day, the kind of day that doesn't feel like work, because hey, work isn't supposed to be fun, right?  And this was fun!  A good day topped off with a ton of Indian food eaten around a friendly table, and then homeward bound, content in our accomplishment and a food coma... 

So we hope you enjoy the video, and know there is more to come.  Always growing, getting better and better. 

From us to you,

The D.Webb Designs family





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